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Luca Zennaro is a guitarist, composer and bandleader born in Chioggia (Venice) in 1997.

Born into a family of musicians, he fell in love with jazz music at an early age, and at the age of 16 he performed at festivals such as "Il Jazz Italiano per l'Aquila" or at the "Venezze Jazz Festival".

Guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel was second in the Riga Jazz Stage 2017 international competition, held in Riga (Latvia). In the same year he was also a finalist in the prestigious Massimo Urbani Prize, where he won the scholarship for Nuoro Jazz.

In the summer of 2017 he recorded his first album "Javaskara" for Caligola Records. 

In July 2018 Luca obtained the three-year degree in Jazz with full marks and honors at the Francesco Venezze Conservatory in Rovigo. 

He is one of the winners of the "Tomorrow's Jazz" award at the Teatro la Fenice in Venice, with the following motivation: "an excellent group as well as the compositions, where dark sounds and interplays give moments of intensity and lyricism"._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Between September 2018 and February 2019 he studied composition, thanks to a scholarship, in the prestigious conservatory of Utrecht (Holland). Here he perfected himself with the Dutch guitarist Reinier Baas.

In June 2019 he recorded his second album "When Nobody is Listening", to be released in February 2020.

Luca is also the co-founder of the bassless trio HackOut! (with him Manuel Caliumi and Riccardo Cocetti) with whom he played 

in the most important Italian cultural institutes in Europe (Paris, Brussels, Oslo, Cologne, etc.) playing and recording with the French-American pianist Jacky Terrasson. Their debut album "Cedrus Libani" is released in September 2021 by the English label SLAM RECORDS. 

In the past years Luca has explored various musical territories: with his new EP "ZENMUSIC" he approaches electronic music in a project involving musicians such as Chris Fishman, Giovanni Iacovella, Michelangelo Scandroglio, Francesco Panconesi and PPIERRRRE._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

The originality of the group lies in knowing how to move with ease both on the electronic side and on the acoustic one. 

Luca has collaborated with national and international musicians such as Francesco Bearzatti, Gabriele Mirabassi, Chris Fishman, Domo Branch, Alessandro Lanzoni and many others. 

In the past years he has also performed abroad: Israel, UK, Senegal, Norway, Germany, Spain, Holland, Belgium, France and Latvia. 

Luca is considered as one of the most interesting musicians of the Italian jazz scene. 


Luca Zennaro is a guitar player, composer and bandleader born in Venice, Italy in 1997.

​Luca starts performing in jazz festivals at the age of sixteen, playing with italian musicians like Stefano Onorati and Stefano Paolini.


Luca is the 2nd place winner of the international Jazz competition "Riga Jazz Stage" 2017 and the finalist of the prestigious competition "Premio Massimo Urbani" 2017. ​


During the summer of 2017 he records his debut album "Javaskara" with some of the most talented young musicians of the Italian jazz scene: Nicola Caminiti - alto sax, Federico Pierantoni - trombone, Nicolò Masetto - double bass and Marco Soldà - drums. ​


In the past years he played and recorded with national and interntional musicians like Rudy Royston, Jack Walrath, Maurizio Giammarco, Giovanni Falzone, Hans Mantel, Stefano Onorati, David Boato and many others; playing in the most important italian festivals like Time In Jazz, Venezia Jazz Festival, Pavia Jazz, Casalini Jazz Nights, Casa del Jazz, Terni Jazz Festival, Nuoro Jazz, Il Jazz Italiano per L'Aquila and more, both as leader of his own band and as side-man.

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