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"A pleasure it is to sit down and listen to Luca Zennaro's magical new album - resonant, rich in detail, singular and beautifully melodic"


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“Altera Limes” suggests an expansion beyond our common ways of seeing and feeling. Most of the songs don't have a conventional development, unlike those we usually hear. Here the musical ideas alternate according to internal dynamics that are affected by various elements, from the interplay of the musicians to their ability to imply the rhythm, from the succession of thematic cells to the harmonic ambiguity of the compositions. The acoustics of the place that hosted the recording session played an equally important role in the success of the work.  The album was in fact recorded entirely live in the 15th century church of Santa Caterina in Chioggia (Venice)." 

Luca Zennaro - guitar 

Francesco Bordignon - double bass

Phelan Burgoyne - drums

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